Make Yourself Stylish!!!

All the way from India, founder, Creator and fashion designer ‘Komal Patel’ brings with her a unique design concept and expertise.Ms. Patel is both the founder and lead designer for Trikocreation and has been in the industry since 1992.She offers a full-service company designing not only today’s fashion but pieces for the entertainment industry and even for your home. From a very young age of 7yr old, Komal was driven by Innovative all things linked with fashion, Style and décor.  Komal’s designs are anything but conventional fusing elements of India with traditional spice up and modern design. As a fashion enthusiast, she thrives on creating the perfect design whether apparel or interior décor. She believes that creating the perfect space is like constructing the perfect wardrobe or event. Focused on customer service, Komal thrives on the thrill of capturing the personality of her clients.This passion has stayed along with her during her entire life.To this day, her favorite thing is to be given a new challenge. From working out the logistics of a design plan, to the actual final construction it all gets her creative juices flowin.
Coming to the United States, she have been fortunate enough to land the position of Head Designer at worlds most valued Historical and Medieval Company Museum Replicas Limited, based in Conyers Georgia. Together with Director of New Products, Dave DiPietro, they work on a daily basis creating not only costumes including Renaissance,Medieval,Fantacy,Roman,Viking and accessories from all historical time periods, but have the honor of reproducing high end Licensee creations from such celebrated motion pictures as Star Wars, Harry Potter and The Lord of the Rings.However, her creativity level is always set on HIGH and PERFECTION. Because of this, the formation of Trikocreation was inevitable.None of this would be possible without
the love and support of her beloved family and wonderful friends
                  Komal Patel